Welcome to the Ex-Philes podcast! We are so glad that you are here.

We (Janice and Clair) are passionate about helping anyone and everyone who is struggling with a bad breakup or broken heart. We’ve both been there more than once and are honored to be able to share what we have learned through our experiences and years of studying everything breakups to help others. 

The two of us met during the momentous year of 2020 while both enrolled in coaching school during the pandemic. When we found out that we both loved podcasts, shared the same philosophy about healing, AND we were about to both be living in Denver we decided to join forces to create the podcast. Isn’t it just meant to be? 

We hope you will use Ex-Philes as a resource for all of the stages of your breakup, broken heart, and moving on journey. We’ve got your back! 

For interviews, guest pitches, questions, or comments, please email us at ExPhilesPodcast@gmail.com 

Clair Lofthouse

Coach, writer and co-host of Ex-Philes

Clair Lofthouse, a certified mindfulness and relationship coach, helps empathetic people accelerate their breakup recovery, build confidence and reconnect to their intuition. Her goal as a coach is to help people like and trust themselves.

After facing the consequences of trying all the wrong things to get over a devastating breakup, she was inspired to start taking her heart into her own hands and heal the healthy way, and eventually to help others do the same.

Clair cohosts a podcast “The Ex-Philes: Breakups, Broken Hearts and Moving On” with her cohost Janice Formichella available wherever you listen to podcasts.

A true multi-hyphenate, Clair is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, enjoys writing about tech and is a fully-committed crazy cat lady. Visit her at clairlofthouse.com or feed her Instagram addiction @clairlofthouse.

Janice Formichella

Breakup coach, writer and co-host of Ex-Philes

After going through a painful divorce, recovering from domestic violence, and hitting rock bottom in her 30s she decided to support others to build new lives after heartbreak through one-on-one coaching and co-creating Ex-Philes. 

As a breakup coach, Janice supports individuals who are struggling with the pain and confusion of a broken heart to turn their breakup into a magical opportunity. With a focus on overcoming loneliness and living a desire-led life, she works with people to become passionate about being their own soulmates and using solo time as a superpower. 

When she is not working on Ex-Philes or other work projects Janice loves to explore new places, enjoy a bit of girl talk, watch true crime documentaries, read about 19th-century women’s history, and enjoy fancy cocktails at fancy locations.